Highly abyssal seismic researches CDP-2D, which were made for the first time on Taimir in the begging of 21st century, allowed us to change the model of structure of Enisey-Hatangskiy regional angle of flexure together with other geologo-geophysical data. One of the biggest upper-level positive structure, Obsko-Laptevskaya ridge, was marked out. New results of researches allowed us to make more exact the idea about the geodynamic evolution of the region, the history of geological activity in Enisey-Hatangskiy seam-type abyssal fault, which started in the late Protezoic period and lasted till Mesozoic-Cenozoic; about abyssal structure of rifane-paleozoic deposits of pre-fault megaswells; in the character of coupling of arched parts and wings of megaswells, their lengthwise asymmetry; about the influence of swells on the development of Mesozoic sedimentations in the nearby valley including peculiarities of accumulation of sediment in neokomsk klinoform complex; about perspectives of pre-fault megaswells’ oil foulness. It is well founded that Obsko-Laptevskaya ridge of megaswells and raises is the biggest zone of oil and gas deposits in the North of Siberia, which is still badly explored


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