An integrated methodology for evaluating the prospective non-conventional oil resources is presented here, and applied to real situations in Western Siberia. The method involves 1) a detailed analysis of geochemical data on the oil shale, 2) considerations on the mineralogy of the shale and surrounding beds and 3) integrated 3D petroleum system modelling of the oil and gas generation, retention and expulsion.

The integrated study involving Depositional system, Geochemistry and Petroleum system modeling demonstrates that the Bazhenov shales in central Western Siberia have stored 20 to 30% of the total generated oil, 50% being expelled upward in neokomian and 20–30% downward in the Upper Jurassic. The amount generated represents only 20 to 30% of the total potential.

Geochemistry and Petroleum system modeling allow identifying th

According to the Bazhenov source-rock characteristics, estimates of the productivity under economic condition can be given, and compared with the Bakken oil Shales from USA.


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