The paper deals with the solution of a problem concerning an adequate heat flow analysis and temperature prognosis in different basin settings. The type of geothermal regime is considered as the significant attribute influenced on the paleotemperature reconstruction methodology especially in basin modeling approach. That is the relevance of this study related with. A number of generalized equations were obtained by detailed studying of the temperature-depth profiles all over the world. Bottomhole temperature profiles and various geothermal indicators in more than 5,000 wells and measurements were studied. 307 equations that characterize the geothermal regime of the various basins were calculated. Certain features of the temperature profiles and calculated equations were identified. It was allowed to classify the sedimentary basins geothermal regimes of the world. Three main "summarizing" groups of factors were identified. These allowed classifying all equations obtained into 3 classes: Anomalous, Normal and Magmatic intrusions influenced geothermal regimes.


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