The structure and the prospects of the depression are considered on the model of Bukharovskoye field, situated in the intersection area of Uriuzan-Silvenskoye depression (USD) with the Western Ural zone of folding (WUZF). USD is the largest structure of the Cis-Ural foredeep. The oil and gas potential of the region is connected with the discovery of Bukharovskoye gas field in 1969. Productive deposits are mid-carboniferous terrigenous-carbonate ones. In 2005-2010 seismic exploration MOGT -2D and MOGT -3D works were carried out on the territory of Bukharovskoye field. The report is based upon the results of the works. It is recommended to drill 10 prospecting and 2 exploration wells on the field. The total resources of gas are about 50 billion cub. m. Having analyzed the material it is possible to make an assumption of the essential gas potential of the region considered


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