The history of the formation of the modern technology of seismic CDP-3D, used in prospecting for oil and gas. This story stands four-level process, significantly different in the technology used and results achieved. Although no clear boundaries between the stages to establish not simply noticed that the average step size is close to 25-35 years. Each level of technology includes a phase, the formation of technology, the period of widespread use in the manufacture and final stage of fading interest in this technology. Each stage is based on the use of seismic instruments and equipment of the time. In the depths of the previous stage will certainly conceived of a new seismic technology level, which makes it possible to objectively seismic each next technological level of the wider and more efficient. From the analysis of the evolution of the technical characteristics of seismic CDP-3D is a forecast of the possible ways of further improving the seismic for a period of 10-15 years. As evidence, whether an evolutionary improvement path analyzes of experimental materials and methodological work carried out by Sercel in the Middle East. The question of which way would be to develop and improve seismic beyond the next 10-15 years. We discuss also another way of seismic - a way based on the broad introduction of the notion of the diffraction wave.


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