Reflection seismic can be a very useful technique for exploration of kimberlite pipes. High-frequency 2D seismic exploration for diamonds was carried out in Yakutia (Sakha) by Botuobinskaya geological exploration company for many years. Surface seismic methods are not designed for direct detection of vertical bodies such as a pipe. However, a kimberlite pipe may be inferred from seismic data indirectly by observing the termination of reflections against its flanks. To successfully delineate and map small-size diamondiferous kimberlite pipes, 3D seismic will be adopted from the next season. To define optimum acquisition geometry, presurvey 3D ray-trace modelling was carried out. The template dimensions and orientation as well as receiver and source intervals were defined using the results of seismic modelling of geological features. Synthetic data sets were processed through stacks, and bin attributes were analyzed


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