In spite of the constant development of technologies of geophysical methods and in particular seismic exploration, for achievement of positive results at all stages of searching of minerals, an important task is authentic interpretation of data received as a result of application of one or the other method. In this article the way of rational application of a method of the seismic facies analysis is offered in process of interpretation of seismic data. For this purpose was developed the detailed scheme of application of a method of the seismic facies analysis in which some main stages were marked out. For confirmation of the practical importance, was carried out the interpretation of seismic data on the Lobodinsky and Southern-Kislovskoy areas located within the western board of Precaspian Depression by a method of the seismic facies analysis according to the scheme mentioned above. The construction of authentic geological model and marking out of several earlier not revealed structures in productive deposits P1ar became the result of the carried-out works.


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