In this study we use geostatistical tools such as variogram and Kriging to interpolate the data at regular grid interval. Variograms as inspector of structure of data which are available in geostatistics and Kriging is suitable method to interpolated irregular data base on result of variogram. This paper compares the three types of model of variograms to the computation of enhancing survey network. The aim is to investigate the components of them. This method has been successfully applied to the gravity data set in Moghan region of the Northwest Iran. Furthermore it has been identified the best model of variogram to use for the creation of interpolated data. The effectiveness of our approach is finding correlated range between data in earlier steps of studies and helps to minimize related later costs. Fitted Gaussian model to experimental variogram, implies good correlation between data. Moreover, Bouguer anomaly map is created by Kriging method hint at compatibility with previous studying on mentioned data set.


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