This paper introduces a workflow and combination of techniques that proved to be a successful approach for de-risking the Messinian stratigraphic play. The key was to add confidence to the interpretation of seismic AVO anomalies in the Messinian section, as well as to the predicted depositional environment and reservoir facies away from well control. Detailed Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy, guided by wire line log interpretation and analysis of core data from nearby wells, was the foundation in developing the geological model for the stratigraphic play. As a result of this work, a seismic AVO anomaly at Messinian level, not associated with structural closure, was drilled and proved a success. The well penetrated the predicted sand facies with high gas saturation, and flowed gas at commercial rates in the well test. The new proven Messinian stratigraphic play de-risked many similar mapped prospects with significant


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