Wave field anomalies detected in seismic lines in Upper Devonian – Lower Permian terrigenous – carbonate deposits of the Barents Sea are typical of marginal reefs and carbonate scarps. Seismic data analysis allowed us to outline possible areas of carbonate scarps development. There are mainly confined to steps and terraces of the ancient continental shelf and fringe deepwater non-compensated basins of the East Barents Trough and adjacent depressions. Elaborated regional paleo-environmental map for Late Devonian – Early Carboniferous of the Barents Sea Area was constructed on the base of seismic interpretation data and the results of the Sea bottom and onshore area geological and geophysical surveys. The geologic – geophysical data comparison revealed a noticeable resemblance of structural – geological and sedimentary characteristics of Upper Devonian – Lower Permian basins in the East Barents Trough and PriCaspian Depression. Thus there could be condition in the East Barents Sea Trough and its borders favorable for development of both carbonate – clayey oil source rocks and oil promising sedimentary traps in the form of reefs, confined to marginal scarps of carbonate platform and to the inner carbonate shelf.


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