Suswa caldera has been studied extensively and has been proposed as a potential for geothermal exploitation. This work has delineated the potential of the prospect. The approach taken complements the work done by previous researchers and is mainly concerned with resolving the issues that have remained unaddressed. Magnetotelluric method (MT) is capable of producing a clear resolution of the deeper crustal structure by use of natural electromagnetic fields. This technology has been designed fairly recently to specifically address the challenges experienced with the earlier resistivity methods. However, since electric fields are distorted by near surface resistivity inhomogeneities, Transient Electromagnetic method (TEM) is then used to correct the distorted near surface MT data. These two methodologies were employed at Suswa volcanic centre. Analysis and interpretation of the data indicate that the area is endowed with geothermal energy. The reservoir is mapped to a greater precision than before. Two deep exploration wells have been identified and recommended for exploration drilling.


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