Vattenfall A/S in Denmark is developing a project for Carbon Capture and Storage in the Northern part of Denmark. The project consists of a full scale carbon capture plant at power plant Nordjyllandsværket near Aalborg. The CO2 storage facilities are situated only 30 km West of Aalborg - The Vedsted structure. The target storage reservoirs are shoreface sandstones from the Upper Triassic – Lower Jurassic of the Gassum Formation, and the Middle Jurassic fluvial sandstones of the Haldager Formation. The need for storage is expected to be 1,8 million tons of CO2 per year and risk quantification and evaluation will inevitably be a major issue. It is therefore necessary to develop a monitoring investigation strategy which shall be scientifically sound while also being commercially viable. The primary purpose of monitoring CO2 distribution is to provide assurance that CO2 storage is successfully and safely stored, and does not create local HSE problems. The monitoring is also used evaluating the utilization efficiency of a storage reservoir and calibrating and confirming reservoir models.


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