Prediction of elastic anisotropic full wavefields is required in reverse-time migration, full-waveform inversion, borehole seismology, seismic modelling, and other processes. We propose a novel finite-difference algorithm based on solution of the Navier wave equation using a multi-block methodology. In the current implementation the blocks are sub-horizontal layers. A curvilinear adaptive hexahedral grid in blocks is generated by mapping the original 3D physical domain onto a parametric cube with horizontal layers and interfaces. These interfaces correspond to the main curvilinear physical contrast interfaces of a sub-horizontally layered formation. The top boundary of the parametric cube handles the land surface with a smooth topography. Free surface and solid-solid transmission boundary conditions at interfaces are approximated with the second-order accuracy. Smooth medium in the layers is approximated by second to sixth spatial order schemes. All expected properties of the developed algorithm are demonstrated in numerical tests using correspondent parallel MPI code.


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