The Glenlivet Gas Field was discovered in 2009 by well 214/30a-2 in the West of Shetland (for background material refer to the companion paper presented in this session by Westphal et al.). The partnership includes DONG UK E&P Ltd (80% and Operator),Faroe Petroleum (10%) and First Oil (10%). As gas export in the West of Shetland is commercially challenging, rapid field appraisal and project maturity was a key driver to enable Glenlivet to be in the best position to secure early gas export access. In light of this, the discovery well was drilled back-to-back with two appraisal sidetracks. This paper will demonstrate the integrated approach DONG E&P (Ltd) have adopted to optimise the Glenlivet field appraisal. We will demonstrate how information from a number different technical areas have be integrated to enhance the technical understanding of the field, culminating in the construction of robust static reservoir models. Seismic interpretation & inversion was integrated with the geological conceptual model defined from core and log data in the main well, which calibrated information gathered in the sidetracks. Results from external studies used in this analysis were carried out by Core Laboratories, Task Geoscience, Ichron Ltd, Chemostrat Ltd and SIP Ltd.


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