The paper illustrate the results of Rotliegend reservoir and facies gradual model refining, initiated from basin scale models (Silesian Basin) and finished with local model in the Kowalewo- Załęcze –Żuchlów zone. Silesian Basin is the southern part of the Polish Upper Rotliegend Basin. It is dominated by excellent reservoir gas bearing aeolian sandstones forming structural and geomorphological traps. Others, fluvial and alluvial sandstones have worse reservoir properties. The area is mature prospection region, so there is a little chance for discovery new considerable gas accumulations. However, integration of cartographic, geophysical, core and log data into 3D geomodels can help to discover some new small gas fields. The most reasonable aim of the modeling could be in that region, defining within Rotliegend strata favorable zones for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Traps for CCS are considering in basin scale category and in scale of individual exhausted gas traps or gas fields with decaying production, in aim to assess possibility for Enhanced Gas Recovery (EGR).


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