Establishment of reservoir situ-model is an important foundation work in reservoir modeling and the key problem in reservoir description. During the development of oilfield, nearly no direct outcrop information is available for statistical analysis, and the analysis of dense well pattern which is difficult and involves long working period cannot satisfy the requirement of oil production. Crosswell seismic information with high resolution can interpret small-scale subsurface geologic phenomenon accurately, consequently, it can be used as actual outcrop of research area or analysis of dense well pattern approximately. This article analyzed the geologic identification capability of crosswell seismic data comprehensively, combined the application in F124 and K71, elaborated the technical advantages of using crosswell seismic data as pseudo-outcrop in determining crosswell reservoir distribution style, configuration analysis and providing detailed geologic statistical parameters for lithofacies and property model, and introduced the positive significance of this technology in improving reservoir heterogeneity accuracy and guiding oilfield production.


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