The results of application in 2001-2010 of geoelectric methods of forming a short-pulsed electromagnetic field (FSPEF) and vertical electric-resonance sounding (VERS) (FSPEF-VERS express-technology) on the local area of coal mines in the Donbas region are given. The anomalous geoelectric zones of gas (free methane) type were revealed and mapped on investigation areas by FSPEF method survey. The bedding depths and thicknesses of the anomalous polarized layers (APL) of gas type were determined by VERS sounding. The optimal places for the degassing borehole locations were delineated on measurements data by the FSPEF-VERS methods. The experiment results testify of practical possibility of the FSPEF-VERS technology and a special method of remote sensing data processing and interpretation using for the free gas (methane) accumulations exploration and prospecting within the coal mines and coal-bearing series spreading. The application of the FSPEF-VERS technology can promote for increasing the efficiency of existing technology of the coal mine methane capturing and utilization.


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