Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) rely upon hydraulic stimulation of existing fracture networks to increase the permeability of the geothermal reservoir. Preventing any noticeable seismic event from being triggered by stimulation process being of primeval importance, microseismic activity is carefully monitored in the vicinity of EGS facilities. We are interested in a new set of information that could provide seismoelectric monitoring. We use the Synthetic Kennet Bouchon Program (SKBP) developed by Garambois and Dietrich (2002) which has been modified to model double-couple sources. Resulting synthetic seismoelectric models show that even in the case of a small magnitude earthquake whose hypocenter is located a depth greater than 2km can give rise to electric signals that could be measured at the ground surface. This is an encouraging result in the study of the feasibility of “microseismoelectric” monitoring.


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