The increase of seismicity of mining territory raises danger of exogenous geological processes. The cause of increased induced seismicity of mining regions is a violation of geodynamic equilibrium and astable state of the upper layer of Earth’s crust due to intensive long-term development of mining industry with powerful explosions in mines and open pits and moving huge volumes of rock. The increase of local induced seismicity of these regions is shown on example of old-industrial region in Central Ukraine — Kryvyi Rih iron ore basin. These data significantly improved information about local tectonic earthquakes on background of seismic events of technogenically-natural origin, including the effects of powerful mining explosions. Local earthquakes with M≥4.6 may be continued with the existing intensity of mining industry with powerful explosions in this region. Therefore it’s necessary localization of modern activation areas of tectonic structures with induced seismicity for the system of complex geoecological monitoring of shallow subsurface of the region. And first of all the urgent creation of local Kryvyi Rih seismic monitoring system (with instrumental seismological observations on the base of the seismic station UK-15 and with direct link with National Centre of seismological data, Kyiv) is necessary.


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