Fracture paramters are quite important for fractured resevoir characterization in seismic field data interpretation. Since the density, length and width of the fractures and pore fluids filling in fracture space control the fracture weakness. In this work, to understand the effects of key fracture parameters and fluid contents on seismic wave propagation in fractured porous rocks, we incorporate the fracture weakness measurement related to the characteristics of fractured porous rocks into the calculation of the equivalent elastic stiffness matrix and then simulate the corresponding seismic wave propagation in the rocks. The numerical results demonstrate that the fracture weakness associated with fracture density, porosity and pore fluid contents leads to significant changes of anisotropic properties and the corresponding seismic behaviors of wave propagation in fractured porous rocks. The method is favorable to measure the fracture parameters-dependent effects on seismic waves. The phenomena on numerical results produce beneficial implications for fracture parameters estimation of the fractured reservoirs inverted from seismic field data.


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