As of Desember 2017, there were around 435 Projects or PODs approved by Government of Indonesia. Based on mapping of Petroleum Development Cost and Commercial Reserves of 435 Field Development Projects, evaluation and analysis of 165 Realization Development Field, we can show that the plan of development still have risk and uncertainty in Commercial Reserves, Cost and Take (Government, Contractor). For this case in Indonesia, performance of commercial gas is under than plan but the oil performance is above plan although the oil price fell in the last 3 years. In Indonesia, Government mitigates under performance through periodic monitoring activity, with optimization (subsurface, cost) to improve Government Take.

These analyses showed that the area of Indonesia had atrractive development cost and commercial reserves, which consequently mean that the petroleum exploration activity is still interesting in Indonesia.

Finally, this paper is expected to provide contractors a quick look at oil and gas industry in Indonesia especially based on Field Development data (plan vs realization) and also help them create their petroleum exploration and development strategy in Indonesia by considering on this information.


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