The use of 4D seismic has a long and successful history on the Snorre field. Several conventional streamer 4D surveys have been shot until 2012, and the use of this data has been described in earlier publications (Aanvik et al. 2009, Fayemendy et al. 2012). The installation of a Permanent Reservoir Monitoring (PRM) system on the complete Snorre field in 2014 was a game changer for the ability to get fresh and frequent time-lapse data with high quality (Thompson et al. 2015). Since the installation in 2014, 8 PRM surveys have been acquired on the Snorre field. This abstract will show examples of how the PRM data give valuable information that are used in both reservoir management, well planning and area development. A special focus is put on the value of the unexpected observations, and their implications for the reservoir understanding.


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