Without doubt for a successful and long-lasting career, it is important to understand how to balance and promote personal and professional teamwork achievements. The modern age has brought many useful communication tools, making it easier to network and reach beyond conventional academic journals. This study, through a survey and statistical analysis of the results, shows how the young professionals pursuing their temporary position within the H2020-funded Smart Exploration project predict their future career, communicate their work with the outside world and envisage a positive work/research environment for their success. Smart Exploration has provided an opportunity to bridge the gap among universities, mineral exploration industry and small and medium enterprises by employing over 15 young professionals. It provides hands-on field experience using modern equipment and methods, as well as showing them how a collaborative and integrated team is tackling mineral exploration challenges within the EU. The project focuses on research and innovation, thereby tasks and activities have been designed with a great emphasis on young professionals, diversifying their activities across engineering and geosciences. This multidisciplinary environment has led to a much more secure feeling to promote their research and development, and a probability for a sustainable career.


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  1. Malehmir, A. Holmes, P. Gisselø, P. Socco, L.V Carvalho, J. Marsden, P. Onar Verboon, A. and Loska, M.
    [2019] Smart Exploration: Innovative ways of exploring for critical raw materials of the EU. EAGE Annual Meeting, London2019.
    [Google Scholar]

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