Geophysical surveys by application of seismic refraction and shallow reflection method were carried out on the potential quarry location in Konsko, Gevgelija, R. North Macedonia.

The investigations were performed for defining of the seismo-geological structure, i.e., physical-mechanical characteristics of the rock mass constituting the structure of the terrain in conditions prior to excavation, and exploring the possibility for its use as a construction-technical material for a dam over Konska Reka river.

As a result of the investigations performed by application of seismic reflection, there were defined local disturbances and discontinuities that point to loose, cracked zones in the shallower as well as in the deeper layers of the terrain structure of the investigated location.

The seismic refraction method was used to define the variation of the Vp and Vs velocities of seismic waves down to a maximum depth of 30–50 meters. Defined with these investigations was the thickness of the surface layers composed of highly weathered and crushed rocks under the influence of external atmospheric conditions and also as a result of tectonic processes.

According to the generated 2D isopach map, the most critical zone belongs to the upper North-eastern part of the location


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