An analysis of the geological structure of the Cenozoic formation complex of the Carpathian-Black Sea segment of Tethys by event-stratigraphic criteria has been worked out. The geomorphological, structural-tectonic, geodynamic, eustatic, climatic, biotic, paleoecological, lithological, sedimentological and seismostratigraphic regulatory factors of influence on the geological structure of different tectonic and geodynamic blocks are characterized. Systematic analyses has identified the processes and events (historical-geological phases of Earth expansion and compression, impact, anoxic, etc.) that are recorded in the different stratons and transitional boundary layers of the Cenozoic deposits and formed the modern geological structure of the study regions. Stratigraphic models and charts of Cenozoic deposits of the Western (Carpathian) and Southern (Black Sea, Crimea, Azov-Black Sea) regions were developed. The different facial systems of the corresponding spatio-temporal levels are identified, the rock-layered complexes, the material composition and the structure of the stratons of the corresponding genesis are determined. Morphostructural, bio-, lithofacial, geodynamic, sedimentological, cyclostratigraphic, volcanic criteria are considered. Processes of the offshore landslides, currents, turbidites are analyzed. The influence of hydrology factors (fluctuations of the sea level and annual runoff) is investigated.


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