Background: A new method of modeling acoustic monitoring of a layered-block elastic medium with several inclusions of various physical-mechanical and phase hierarchical structures has been developed. Methods: An iterative process of solving a direct problem for the case of three hierarchical inclusions of l, m, s ranks based on the use of 2D-integro differential equations has been developed. Results: The degree of hierarchy of inclusions is determined by the values of their ranks, which may be different. Hierarchical inclusions are located in different layers one above the other: the upper anomalously stressed, the second-fluid-saturated and the third anomalously dense. The degree of filling with inclusions of each rank is different for all three hierarchical inclusions. At the same time, the question of dynamic processes in fluid-saturated hierarchical inclusions related to convective mixing of a single-component fluid is investigated. Conclusions: The simulation results can be used when conducting monitoring studies of fluid return control of oil fields. The results can help explain the excessive water flooding of oil reservoirs.


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