Information on potential earthquake sources is a key issue for seismic hazard assessment. The work presents an application of the phenomenological approach for identifying possible locations of strong earthquakes in the Bulgarian region. The methodology hypothesizes the nucleation of strong earthquakes at morphostructural nodes, forming at the intersections of morphostructural lineaments, which are detected by morphostructural zoning. Based on a wide set of geophysical and geological data characterizing nodes pattern recognition algorithm Cora- 3 pinpointed capable nodes for M6+ in the Bulgarian region. Most of the recognized seismogenic nodes are located on the borders between the largest tectonic domains. They are boundaries between the Rila, Pirin, and Rhodope massifs, the Serbo-Macedonian, and the Rila-Pirin massifs as well as in the Stara Planina range. The set of characteristic features of seismogenic nodes established by recognition suggest the high contrast of neotectonic movements and the presence of deep heterogeneities in the earth’s crust in the vicinity of such nodes.


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