Caño Limon produced its billionth barrel of oil in 2004. In the same year, the production<br>contract was renegotiated to cover the remaining economic life of the field. As part of this contract<br>extension, Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) committed to a new 3D seismic survey. The<br>original 3D, acquired in 1985 had been pushed beyond what it was capable of reliably<br>delivering. A new 3D was needed that would facilitate inversion and the mapping of subtle<br>faults and small channels. Current technology and open minded management allowed the<br>technical team to design for geologic, processing and mapping objectives without first dictating<br>budget. The results are a world class onshore 3D that will help extend the life of Caño Limon by<br>identifying the remaining small accumulations of oil.


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