Research has been conducted on this part of The Old Mountain in order to establish geological characteristics, using geological mapping method combined with remote sensing, paleontological, hydro geological and structural geology method. The terrain is characterized as complexly composed regarding its geological setting. Higher part of the terrain is made of metamorphic rocks, where the most frequent of them are schist and phyllite, rarely amphibolite and gneiss. Diorites can be seen like eruptive breach in these rocks. The terrain up to the Visocica River is made of limestone, marl and sandstone from Mesozoic. The lowest part of the terrain is made of red sandstone from Permian. In tectonic view three bigger parts there can be seen. Sprouts of diorites, phyllite and amphibolite, which are rare there, and sprout of limestone where fold form can be seen, are represented as especially interesting geological objects on this terrain. Except this, deposit of marine fossils from Jurassic, and gorges of the Visocica and the Rosomacka River are represented as interesting. The most interesting hydro geological objects are the most generous fountainhead and karst depression Ponor, with specific underground flows. This map gives a simple review of geological characteristics of this terrain.


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