The attraction of the deep water Gulf has increased over recent years due to the advancement of several core<br>technologies. Foremost within these new applications is the use of pre-stack depth migration for illuminating<br>the sub-salt structure, at water depths in excess of 3300 meters. Large scale 2D depth migration projects (e.g. ><br>3000 miles) provide a cost effect way of ascertaining the regional sub-salt geology and highlighting areas for<br>prospect evaluation. The results from three large multi-2D, prestack depth migration projects are presented.<br>The unique problems associated with depth migrating in the deep water province are highlighted in terms of<br>acquisition, time processing and specifically the application of depth imaging technology for imaging of the<br>sub-salt. It is shown that a combination of long streamer acquisition with prestack depth imaging can provide<br>an adequate image of the sub-salt, suitable for prospect evaluation in a short period of time.


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