Paleocene aged Çaldağ Formation with reefal character which exposures in the Tuzgölü Basin is an important unit for petroleum exploration. In the Karapınar Measured Section (MS), conglomerates belonging to Karapınar formation is overline unconformably Asmaboğazı formation which is composed of limestones blocks in the upper part, derived from the Çaldağ Formation as an olistostromal characterics. In addition to this, it can be also observed as different sizes of blocks in the basin. The other MS’s are characterized by reefs and reef complex facies. Paleontological data indicate that limestone deposition of the Çaldağ formation is initiated at Danian and Tanesian at the eastern and western part of the basin, respectively. According to petrographic determination, vugs, fractures and rare intergranular pores are observed. Fractures are mostly filled with calcide, and iron oxide cement. According to the analytic measurements on porosity and permeability for limestones cores from the Mezgit Limestone Mining and Dulayşe Garden MS’s are determined as % 0.5 - % 1.7, 0.01 – 0.04 md and % 0.7 - % 2.9, 0.01 – 0.02 md, respectively. Petrographic and laboratory analysis shows that reservoir rock characters of the formation have weak to moderate; however; it can be considered as good where fracture porosity developed well.


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