Gravity and magnetic methods, are oriented to potential theory, main geophysical survey methods. Generally, on the exhaustive fields, available to research of the whole mineral property (mineral, oil, geothermal etc.), detailed geological survey, other geophysical survey and drilling studies oriented for determining target fields and additionally, in the world and Turkey, fields of application are on the increase on the grounds that these methods are low-priced. Gravity method is affected from the gravitational field and magnetic method is affected from the magnetic field. Underground, heterogenous structure, consists of mineral condensations form to magmatic, sedimentary, metamorphic and economical richness. These rocks and mineral condensations are different density and magnetic susceptibility at the different depths and sizes. All of the differences cause to variations on the vertical component of the acceleration of gravity and magnetic field. These variations are measured by special improved tools and the basis of gravity and magnetic methods is evaluation and interpretation of these measurements. The bouguer correction of the magnetic data, transformation of magnetic data to gravity data, approximation from the power spectrum to geological structure depth, determination of approximately boundaries of the geological structure causing to this anomaly, geologically 2B modelling of the aerial magnetic data and 3B modelling by means of prisms methods use for the interpretation of the aerial magnetic data and modeling of the geological structure causing to this anomaly. Determination of the compatibility to the geothermal survey of a field, at first, local geology, geophysical (aerial magnetic and regional gravity), elevation and satellite image data should be analysed in common. And later, detailed surveys (geological mapping, geochemical sampling, geophysical and drilling works) should be done. It is clear that if it is standardised to be done of locally preliminary investigations with potential field data (aerial magnetic and regional gravity) before than licence purchase, field purchase-recirculate and detailed surveys, it will make a great contribution to the sector. In this study, research of geothermal fields by utilising the aerial magnetic and regional gravity data investigated by examples. Advantages of locally preliminary prospecting by using potential field data before than detailed researches at the geothermal surveys and best available results have been presented by this study.


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