Albania is a mountainous Mediterranean country with numerous natural energy resources. There are many rivers flowing from the mountains where seven hydro-power plants have been built. In this paper we present photogrammetric work in an engineering geological-geophysical investigation of the Koman landslide, Shkoder area, Albania. Our ability to make highly precise maps has been crucial to our success. We rely on photogrammetry in general as a key tool to help accurately capture different formations. The photogrammetric project on the state of landslide in Koman hydro power included studies on changes in both banks of Koman dam. The study included work field by taken photographs in a very difficult ground for both banks of dam. Our terrestrial photogrammetry enabled us to capture data from large scale stereo models in preparing digital topographic map (topo map) with high quality and efficiency. CAD drawings were the most effective way to document technical drawings and related information in an organized manner. CAD combined with GIS enables data to be analyzed


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