E010 Non-Invasive Geophysical Methods in Environmental Diagnostics of Contaminated Sites Z. Nyari* (Eotvos Lorand Geophysical Inst. of Hungary (ELGI)) B. Neducza (Eotvos Lorand Geophysical Inst. of Hungary (ELGI)) P. Szucs (University of Miskolc Dept. of Hydrogeology) T. Madarasz (University of Miskolc Dept. of Hydrogeology) & S. Halmoczki (BGT Hungary Ltd) SUMMARY A consortium with three partners from different fields of environmental sciences (Geophysics Hydrogeology Geotechnics) was formed for a three-year-long project to improve hydrogeophysical methods in order to detect and characterize special subsurface contaminants. Four different contaminated sites were chosen in Hungary as study-areas to improve and calibrate special geophysical


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