P337 A Geophysical Study of the Lower Tagus Valley and its Implications to Seismic Hazard Evaluation J.P. Carvalho (Inst. Nacional de Engenharia Tecnolog. e Inovac.) M. Bielik (Faculty of Natural Sciences) E. Szalaiova (Faculty of Natural Sciences) L. Matias (Centro Geofísica Universidade Lisboa) T. Rabeh* (National Research Inst Astronomy and Geophysics) F. Carrilho (Instituto de Meteorologia) J. Cabral (Faculdade de Ciências de Lisboa and LATTEX) & M. Miranda (Centro Geofísica da Universidade de Lisboa) SUMMARY The Lower Tagus Valley (LTV) is located in central Portugal mainland and distances around 250 km from the Africa-Iberia plate boundary. It is affected by


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