Volume 4, Issue 4
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The Timan-Pechora hydrocarbon basin is one of the most petroliferous provinces of Russia. It is at a mature stage of exploration onshore but is still poorly explored offshore. The exploration within the offshore extension of the Pechora Platform commenced in 1988 and has resulted in five commercial discoveries of oil and gas/condensate, the Severo-Gulyaevskoye, Pomorskoye, Prirazlomnoye, Varandey-More and Medyn-More fields. Hydrocarbon accumulations within the offshore extension of the Pechora Platform are related to at least two petroleum systems: the Domanik-Permo-Carboniferous and the Silurian-Lower Devonian. Reservoir rocks range from the Lower Devonian to the Upper Permian and are mostly carbonates. Throughout the onshore area of the Pechora Platform, Silurian-Lower Devonian formations and Domanik shales are known as the main source rocks. This paper concerns the easternmost petroleum systems of the Pechora Platform that stretch west of the Novaya Zemlya Orogen and encompass more than 100 oil and gas fields.


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