The aerogeophysic project called Itatira, accomplished by “LASA Engenharia e Prospecções S.A.” between<br>September and November/1977 through contract with NUCLEBRAS, corresponds to one of the first project of<br>this gender accomplished in national territory. In this project were flight more than 80 000 km of linear lines,<br>which covered approximately 38 000 km2 on the precambrians terrains of the Ceará State, NE Brazil. For several<br>reasons, the total area of the project was subdivided in three sub-areas (A, B and C), each one covered by a<br>different airship (LASA, 1977). This paper presents the geophysical information and preliminary interpretations<br>of the areas B and C that were obtained through the integrated use of the softwares AUTOCAD r.14, OASIS<br>MONTAJ r.4.2 and ERMAPPER r.5.5.


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